Colette Nguyen

“Readiness, preparation, commitment, consistency, ambition–these are stages of fitness any successful athlete can recognize. Those who find themselves struggling with change and growth are often stuck at the first stage—readiness. While we may never be 100% ready for any challenge, there is no better time to start than NOW.”


Colette’s passion for movement began with dance. Colette was born in the Bronx and raised in South Florida, where she attended Alexander W. Dreyfoos High School of the Arts (DSOA) as a dance major. Colette moved back to NYC to pursue dance and graduated from Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance. Upon graduation, Colette worked with the José Limon Dance Company as an Arts Admin Intern as well as a dance apprentice.


Throughout her 17 year long dance career, Colette suffered many injuries including repeated ankle sprains, knee, hip, and low back pain that eventually became a catalyst for pursuing fitness. Never lifting weights a day in her life, Colette worked with a personal trainer as a client in 2016 to learn from the ground up and it transformed her life. The seemingly endless cycle of injuries was interrupted and her body no longer felt broken. Her physical performance and quality of life improved so dramatically, it ignited a new passion for teaching and empowering others through movement and strength.


Colette became a Certified Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2017 and has since worked with over hundreds of individuals one-on-one on their fitness journey. Pre-pandemic, Colette clocked in an average of nearly 1,500 training hours in just 2019 alone. She was the first female Master Trainer under a well-known commercial gym at their NYC flagship location and as well as their Lead Boutique HIIT Instructor. In addition, Colette led and assisted educational workshops and provided business and training mentorship for existing and incoming trainers at that location. Colette also helped individuals transition seamlessly from in-person training to remote online training/programming during the pandemic, allowing them to maintain their physical fitness without suffering from home-workout fatigue.


Colette considers the successes of her clients to be her greatest accomplishments. She stays true as an artist, collaborating with her clients to craft training programs that are specifically curated to produce results and encourage sustainable, life-long habits. Whether you are working out for the first time, beginning again, or working toward a greater fitness goal, Colette will guide you through thick and thin, making sure you stay on track, are held accountable, have all the resources you need to conquer any obstacle during your journey, and emerge a champion of your fitness.


Specialties — Strength; Hypertrophy; Pre/Post-Natal; Remote/Virtual Online Training; Kettlebells; Flexibility; Myofascial Release


Certifications — NASM CPT; FMS II; FCS; Pre/Post Natal Certified Fitness Instructor; SFG I; Bulgarian Bags Certified Instructor; MovementEdge Practitioner