• Head Coach
  • Former Broadway star
  • Cultivator of elite athletes

Ryan has spent the last 20 years of his life exploring everything fitness and weightlifting related. Launching SoHo Strength Lab with Albert in 2013, Ryan built one of the most dynamic, well-informed and educated personal training teams anywhere. With his degree in Athletic Training, and exhaustive continuing education, Ryan separates himself from many coaches with his encyclopedic knowledge of training methods and modalities. As an olympic weightlifting athlete he studied under Olympic champions and gold medalists. As a trainer he works with numerous professional athletes and loves to change a person’s pre-conceived notion of who they are physically, and what they are capable of, and then progressing them further.

Ryan is available for private training by appointment only, on a limited basis. Please email info@sohostrengthlab.com or complete our intake form.

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