we have designed our classes according the the athletic development pyramid (a.d.p.)
we focus on endurance as the base of the pyramid.
we build on this by increasing your strength levels.
we polish and hone your skills giving you the ability for high performance.

*we also offer speciality classes to complement your training and meet your specific goals and needs. scroll down for those.


our coaches comes from a varied background of elite athletic competition, training and coaching. all have a genuine desire to promote high levels of physical fitness and teach true athletic movement. we utilize the latest in sports science research along with years of pratical experience to get you in the best shape of your life.
We want to reach a greater number of individuals in NYC than we can each see privately. We will raise the standard of group fitness in our community 1 class at a time. We program together as a team, giving you the best from each of us in every class.


we believe that all people should have access to great information and instruction in the effort to better their lives and bodies through fitness.
we strive to lead people down a healthy path, and to provide great training in a fun, challenging environment.
we believe that real training athletic training happens best in a group setting, not 1 - 1.

athletic HIIT

focused on high intensity movements and tightly monitored rest periods to send your heart rate through the roof. looking to get in shape in a hurry?
our endurance-based HIIT class serves as the base of your athletic training while maximizing your time and effort - we'll get you there in no time flat!


45 minutes
dynamic warm-up
total body interval training
caloric burn estimate: 500+

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strong and lean

experience expertly programmed lifting circuits focused on building strength and lean muscle with a time-based interval finisher to burn fat at a rapid rate.


45 minutes
mobility and warm-up
weighted strength training circuits
high heart rate finisher
caloric burn estimate: 600-700

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1,000 calories: total body

burn 1,000 calories in one class.
get off the bike and treadmill and push past your comfort zone to get the results you want from day one.


45 minutes
dynamic warm-up
10 rounds of 3 exercises: on the minute
total body conditioning and strength
bodyweight, dumbbells, sleds...always changes
caloric burn estimate: 700+


rap (explicit)
if you may be offended by lyrics we suggest other classes

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athletic butt, legs and core

ever wondered why athletes have the best butts and abs?
we use a potent series of athletic movements & isometric holds to give your booty and core that lean athletic look without having to hit the court.


45 minutes
mobility and warm-up
3 round glute/ab circuits
caloric burn estimate: 400-600

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ProMix is a line of premium organic and non-gmo supplements formulated by registered dietitian and exercise physiologist Albert Matheny