Jason Li

“Be proud of your hard work and accomplishments, but never be completely satisfied and never forget you’re not the only one out there working hard. You can always do more, do better, and help others do the same”


Jason initially started at Soho Strength Lab as an intern learning from the best in New York City while also attending CUNY Brooklyn College. He eventually earned his Bachelors in Exercise Science and became a trainer at SSL with his own unique approach to training. Jason is dedicated to the “training process” for implementing long term changes and preventing training staleness. Over his career so far Jason has gone from a body builder in high school going from 115lbs to 151lbs, a powerlifter in college, and is currently an Olympic weightlifting competitor. Along with his extensive training weight training background he has recently become a Functional Range Mobility Specialists in order to help clients who struggle with flexibility or past joint injuries.


Jason is a NSCA certified personal trainer, a USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach, a Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Coach, and a FRC mobility specialist.


Jason Li BS, NSCA-CPT, USAW lvl 2

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